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  1. Linda Poole


    Here's a powerful video showing what a handful of women across New Mexico have been doing for decades to safeguard and nurture their land, water, wildlife, families, and communities. What an amazing amount of good these women have done and continue to do, on their own as individuals and also as...
  2. Linda Poole

    Graziers: make more money, have less stress, improve your soil: WINTER GRAZING!

    If you run cattle year round, have a look at this video with specific advice about how to succeed at winter grazing!
  3. Linda Poole

    PBS story: How Montanans are partnering to preserve wildlife and rural communities

    When I moved to Montana 25 years ago, there was a landscape of fear and animosity between family ranchers and environmental groups. So much has changed for the better in that time, and strong alliances have sprung up between diverse groups who love prairie grasslands and wildlife. So much is...
  4. Linda Poole

    Care about the climate? Eat more lamb!

    And I shouldn't overlook the related work that we at the National Center for Appropriate Technology are doing with five other partners to lift up wool and cotton growers implementing climate beneficial practices...
  5. Linda Poole

    Care about the climate? Eat more lamb!

    You're welcome, Mike. The American Lamb Board is now working through a $5 million climate smart commodity grant to look at this very topic: It will be worthwhile to follow the progress of this project -- I think we'll see some strong data to back up what Janet McNally, the CSIRO scientist...
  6. Linda Poole

    NRCS working for wildlife!

    In honor of World Wildlife Day on March 3, NRCS released this article:
  7. Linda Poole

    Montana's FREE land and livestock leasing tool is back online!

    Check out this great free tool for matchmaking grazing land and livestock, the Mountain West Grazing Connection: Thank you, Western Sustainability Exchange, for getting this useful connector back in action!
  8. Linda Poole

    Meet the Agrisolar Clearinghouse, where agriculture and solar arrays harvest the sun twice!

    Great new short film featuring the Agrisolar Clearinghouse has just been released. See what's being "grown, grazed, or raised" under solar panels in this emerging field that is also known as agrivoltaics or ecovoltaics.
  9. Linda Poole

    Care about the climate? Eat more lamb!

    For all carnivores who care about climate, there's great news: Read the story at
  10. Linda Poole

    Texas ranch tracks impact of grazing on wildlife, forage

    A recent article by Ann Adams in the Holistic Management Newsletter highlights how rest, managed grazing, and seasonlong grazing impacts rangelands of the Dixon Water Foundation's Leo Ranch. They found that in a 10-15" precip zone: Read the whole article at...
  11. Linda Poole

    grazing livestock could well be carbon loading neutral.

    Mike, this is a really hot topic, and I agree that good science can help us understand the truth behind the hype about livestock and carbon. Like so much, the answer to the question about "Does livestock help or hurt carbon stocks?" is "It depends on management and context." Thanks for...
  12. Linda Poole

    One solution to invasive grasses: managed grazing!

    I love this video showing how South Dakota ranchers are dealing with invading grasses such as crested wheatgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and smooth brome! This one is well worth watching!
  13. Linda Poole

    Black gold and woolly wonders benefit your gardens!

    From the Belgrade (Montana) News comes a short article by the Gallatin Conservation District touting biochar and wool pellets to improve soil fertility and water holding capacity: Read the article here.
  14. Linda Poole

    report: cover crop fields showed reduced yields

    That's such a good point, Mike, about the learning curve for new practices. It's exciting and expensive to try out new practices, so when discouraging results occur with the first attempt, it's sure easy to say the whole idea was a bad one and quit the exploration. The example you gave of the...
  15. Linda Poole

    Regenerative grazing: not as time consuming as you think!

    Check out this great article by Marilyn Cummins for the Noble Research Institute: This is just one of many wonderful articles you can find at Noble Research Institute. Give them a look!
  16. Linda Poole

    Selecting Poultry Breeds for Pastured Production- Webinar 10/19/2023

    Free Webinar: Selecting the right breed for integrated and pastured poultry production. Happening online: October 19, 2023, 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/5pm Mountain/ 4pm Pacific time. This webinar is offered in partnership between the University of California, Davis, Iowa State University...
  17. Linda Poole

    Reversing the Dust Bowl: New Mexico workshop Nov. 11, 2023

    Join Amy Larsen of the Quivira Coalition for a free workshop in Causey, NM and learn about efforts to bring prairie life back to abandoned fields affected by the dust bowl, via innovative organic amendment applications such as compost, biochar and bale grazing. NMSU’s Dr. Ghimire will discuss...