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  1. HernanC

    Reduction of Microbial Diversity with Increased Temperatures, Reduced Moisture, Reduced Biomass

    This should come as no surprise, but researchers recently found in a 7-year study that increased ambient temperatures (and causally, soil temperatures), decreased soil moisture, and decreasing soil biomass results in a reduction of microbial diversity in grasslands. This is one of my biggest...
  2. HernanC

    Tucumcari Rangeland Soil Health Workshop

    This workshop is for ranchers who want to learn about rangeland soil health principles, plant communities, grassland health, and production. The day will be spent outside focused on field demonstrations and talks with local ranchers and leading experts to learn about grazing management...
  3. HernanC

    NRCS Support for Wildfires and Other Natural Disasters

    The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) offers financial and technical assistance to producers to plan and implement conservation practices on farms and ranches impacted by natural disasters in Nebraska. Nebraska Environmental...
  4. HernanC

    Soil Metabolic Pathways

    Researchers at Northern Arizona University found evidence that soils use different biochemical pathways to process nutrients, respire, and grow, depending on the type of soil and perhaps other factors. Using the 13C metabolic flux analysis technique, the researchers were able to tag individual...
  5. HernanC

    Landscape Restoration Case Study

    I was tuned into the World Resources Institute by our good friends at New Mexico Healthy Soil Working Group (and co-founder @Isabelle Jenniches) and found this great case study of Tijuca national Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It shows the benefits of regeneration: 1) improved water supplies...
  6. HernanC

    The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification is Meeting Again

    The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) is meeting for its 15th session in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, from May 9th to May 20th, 2022. This year’s theme is “Land, Life, Legacy” and aims to regenerate land across the world for future generations, very much in line with Soil...
  7. HernanC

    Is there a way to measure how much water I can save by increasing soil carbon?

    Have you ever thought, “how much water am I saving by starting a rotational grazing plan?” “Can cover cropping increase water retention in my soil, by exactly how much, and is it worthwhile?” Dianna Bagnall and co-authors of the Soil Health Institute sought to answer these and other questions...
  8. HernanC

    New Mexico's Healthy Soil Program Grant

    For those of you in New Mexico, the NM Department of Agriculture is seeking applications to host projects on the ground. See more on their website here. Let us know if you apply and what you're doing.
  9. HernanC

    Illinois may be the newest state adding a soil health bill!

    What does this mean? It means that the state's conservation districts will prioritize soil and water conservation for maximum nutrient retention. It will require conservation districts to develop a needs assessment and goals, followed by a report on progress to goals and strategy every two...
  10. HernanC

    Soil for Water Network Member Discounts & Resources

    Hello! If you're new to the Soil for Water network, please see the welcome letter attached to this post to view the discounts and resources available to you. I will keep this letter updated as new discounts are added. If you have an idea of a discount or resource you'd like to see, hit reply on...
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    Soil Moisture 101: What it is and How it is Measured; Webinar March 29, 2022 1-2pm CST

    Soil moisture is a critical land surface variable, and an accurate depiction of soil moisture conditions can provide valuable insights for agricultural monitoring, weather prediction, and drought early warning. To help weather and climate service providers better understand soil moisture...
  12. HernanC

    Follow the Sun Tour: Biosphere 2 April 5, 2022 in Oracle, AZ

    Join staff from the AgriSolar Clearinghouse and leading agrivoltaic researcher Greg Barron-Gafford on a tour of the agrisolar research underway at Biosphere 2. Biosphere 2 is the world's largest controlled environment dedicated to understanding the impacts of climate change. Operated by the...
  13. HernanC

    What is the least damaging to the soil microbiome- light tillage or herbicide?

    What does the least amount of damage to the soil microbiome- light tillage or herbicide to control common mallow?
  14. HernanC

    Catching Rainwater

    I recently watched this video done by Kara Kroeger of NCAT and Tim Miller of Millberg Farm demonstrating two ways to catch and hold water. 1- Tim uses a super low-tech rainwater harvesting system of inclined panels and buckets throughout the farm which he then uses to water his row crops. 2- he...
  15. HernanC

    Recommendations for a microbiological soil health test.

    Hey all, I'm currently doing soil nutrient analysis on the 5 acres that I manage but am curious if someone is testing their soil for microbiological activity. The lab I use unfortunately doesn't do that. Any input is helpful!
  16. HernanC

    Here are some resources for funding support that I found.

    Business and Conservation USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) supports vital conservation efforts across America’s working lands. They promote practices that help improve production, reduce input costs, and conserve natural resources for the...
  17. HernanC

    Texas Legends Event

    We had so much fun learning about various native grasses at the Texas Legends event at the YMCA Robert's Ranch in Comfort, TX. The ranch hasn't seen any grazing for a few months and some of the native grasses have grown back tremendously. Kara Kroeger showed us tools to monitor pasture...