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  1. Linda Poole

    Innovative community-based alternative to First in Time, First in Right water use

    Kaleb Roedel of KUNR Public Radio posted a story that may be of interest to all of us struggling with over-appropriated water rights: A plan to share the pain of water scarcity divides farmers in this rural Nevada community Read or listen to the whole story to learn more about this emerging...
  2. Linda Poole

    Making ditch diversions more efficient in Oregon

    This from Emily Pontecorvo in Grist: In Oregon, farmers are revamping century-old irrigation canals to stem water loss Converting irrigation ditches into pipelines can save water — and create a new source of renewable energy. Read the story at...
  3. Linda Poole

    Rotational grazing on public lands

    Lee, one emerging option to hot wiring pastures on federal lands is the use of virtual fence:
  4. Linda Poole

    NRCS reseeding the Hermits Peak - Calf Canyon burns

    Natural Resource Conservation Service begins air-dropping seeds and mulch over the burn scar in northern NM
  5. Linda Poole

    DROUGHT RESILIENCE NETWORK: Tall Tale Competition!

    Congratulations to our winners of the Dale Strickler Tall Tale Drought Competition! Winklermw wins the non-fiction category with this post: And Paul Heberling wins the fiction (at least we hope this was fictional!) category with this post: For their winning entries, these tall tale tellers...
  6. Linda Poole

    Drought resource sheet for national and California farmers and TA providers

    Rex Dufor of NCAT' California regional office wants to "let folks know about a resource sheet that CDFA recently put out for drought, which has both national and CA-focused resources for TA providers and farmers (attached)." Download the document for a lot of useful info on drought relief...
  7. Linda Poole

    DROUGHT RESILIENCE NETWORK: Tall Tale Competition!

    And the prizes will be -- drum roll, please: One first prize in each of the fiction and non-fiction categories: The winner gets a free copy of your choice of one of Dale Strickler's books: And Dale will select the overall grand prize winner at the end of our third webinar, Thursday, Sept...
  8. Linda Poole

    DALE STRICKLER workshop, New Mexico, Sept. 27

    Don't miss this great field day with rancher and agronomist Dale Stricker on Sept. 27, 2022, near Portales, NM! REGISTER HERE
  9. Linda Poole

    ALEJANDRO CARRILLO workshop, New Mexico, Sept. 28

    Don't miss this great workshop if you can help it! Register HERE!
  10. Linda Poole

    Dale Strickler's webinar on Ranching for Rain and Drought Resilience starting in about an hour!

    Hey, I hope you're ready for another great webinar with Dale Strickler starting in just under an hour. The worksheet you can use to follow along during the webinar is attached here -- get ready to rank the various drought-beating options for how easy, fast, cheap, and impactful you think they...
  11. Linda Poole

    DROUGHT RESILIENCE NETWORK: Tall Tale Competition!

    Do you suppose the poor deluded donkey froze due to em-bare-ass-ment? 🙃
  12. Linda Poole

    DROUGHT RESILIENCE NETWORK has a new home of its own!

    Hey, we've got a new, permanent home for the Drought Resilience Network that was started in the Dale Strickler webinar yesterday. Go to to find your community, and get to making your own posts! Connect with folks you met in the...
  13. Linda Poole

    DROUGHT RESILIENCE NETWORK: Tall Tale Competition!

    In last night's webinar, Dale Strickler announced the tall tale competition for our network. He said there will be prizes -- I expect he will announce winners at the third webinar in the series on Sept. 22 (you can sign up here if you haven't done that already). I wonder what the prizes might...
  14. Linda Poole

    USDA opens up community gardening initiative

    This from today's news at
  15. Linda Poole


    Hi, all, and it's great to see you here at the Soil for Water forum! This will be a space to start as many threads as you'd like on all things related to BUILDING DROUGHT RESILIENCE. Connect with peers, chat with technical assistance providers (we have a bunch of great people across the U.S...
  16. Linda Poole

    FREE webinar series: Your Drought Resilient Farm with Dale Strickler

    Soil for Water Presents: Drought Resilient Agriculture Webinar Series with Dale Strickler “Through our farming practices, we can create our own droughts – or we can create abundance. We set the stage for our future by how we treat our soil today.” – Dale Strickler This September, join NCAT’s...
  17. Linda Poole

    Indigenous farmers reclaim time-honored techniques: Growing traditions in northern New Mexico

    Farmers from Taos Pueblo and the Navajo Nation are reclaiming traditions and restoring food sovereignty, according to this story by Lyric Aquino in High Country News: Read the story at...
  18. Linda Poole

    Moving cattle into the forest could help climate change, farmers and the livestock

    Listen in on this short National Public Radio piece by Jonathon Ahl on silvopasture: Listen to the whole story at
  19. Linda Poole

    Western Collaborative Conservation Network in Montana, Sept. 19-21

    Come for the peer-learning and stay for the connections - WCCN's Confluence 2022 will have great opportunities to build your skills in collaborative conservation, and meet other practitioners in our Network! Join us in Pray, MT Sept 19-21. Learn more and register here
  20. Linda Poole

    The Water Wizard of Western Oregon

    Thank you, Elaine C., for sharing the link to this fantastic video of how to catch and hold more water in soil: It's all about using topography to improve the water cycle for the benefit of regenerative agriculture, land health, and downstream water users. Kudos to Don Tipping, the water wizard...