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  1. luz.ballesteros

    Luz Ballesteros - NCAT's Southwest Office

    Hi all, My name is Luz Ballesteros, and I am a Sustainable Ag Specialist with NCAT in our Southwest Region office in San Antonio. For the past 4 years I been working with soil laboratory analysis of carbon🧪🌻 as part of my graduate degree. I have a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science with...
  2. luz.ballesteros

    Dry Farming - Less water? No problem.

    As I was browsing the internet💻 I came across Dry Farming Resources. The basic idea being utilizing water stored throughout the soil profile in partnership with other practices to utilize low to no water additions. Thoughts?
  3. luz.ballesteros

    DROUGHT RESILIENCE NETWORK: Tall Tale Competition!

    Fiction category: It's so dry and hot here the corn 🌽 is turning into pop-corn 🍿!!!
  4. luz.ballesteros

    Five crops for a hotter, drier world

    Oh wow! here in South Texas we also have pigweed growing everywhere as weeds. Soil is mostly sandy clay loam and the pH is also between 8 to 9. My dog loves to eat the pigweed and I recently tried it as a warm salad with some beat tops, it's pretty good! @Darron Gaus how do you pop amaranth...
  5. luz.ballesteros

    Soil Health Testing

    Hi Justin! Thank you for sharing that video. I think Dr. Haney does a great job at explaining how complex and variable soil testing can be and the difference between Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) and Soil Organic Matter (SOM). Which brings me to what I call " The SOM crash". In recent work I...
  6. luz.ballesteros

    Tree Range Chickens !?

    Story Time! Last week a random chicken🐔 (well... we think it's a chicken) started living in my in-laws front tree and she is very happy and living her best life up there. I shared this with my colleagues from the University of Texas Rio Grandy Valley and they mentioned tree range chickens. I...
  7. luz.ballesteros

    "Beef is good despite calls to the contrary" - Nicole Niman

    Hi Linda! Thanks for sharing. I can totally relate with this article since I was vegetarian for almost six years mostly for environmental reasons. Now I'm a happy flexitarian, for a variety of reasons including health and culture. I think a good podcast episode that highlights some of the...
  8. luz.ballesteros

    Heat stress on cattle

    I am not a rancher or have been but I came across this article: Days of intense heat have killed thousands of cattle in Kansas , and couldn't help but think about ranching with temperature increasing exponentially. What are some proactive methods ranchers can implement to become more resilient...