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  1. Linda Poole

    Texas farmers trying cover crops, a traditional ecological practice

    Check out this story from The Guardian: Read the whole story here or at...
  2. Linda Poole

    Fred Provenza answers questions on Zoom May 25!

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  3. Linda Poole

    Composting in Gro-Beds

    Pretty AND useful -- love it! :love:
  4. Linda Poole

    Composting in Gro-Beds

    Sounds like the wee beasties have a bounteous buffet in your garden, Mike! At the opposite end of the spectrum of how to feed wee garden beasties, 40 years ago my gardening mentor Gram shared her very simple but effective version of composting. She gardened in wide rows but not in raised beds...
  5. Linda Poole

    Composting in Gro-Beds

    This is a cool idea, mikethewormguy! Thank you for sharing the step-by-step process! Have you done any soil tests to compare the before and after of this fermenting/composting process? Among other attributes, I wonder about bacteria vs fungi ratio. I'm curious too about the fermented food...
  6. Linda Poole

    Regenerating Ag's Role in Mitigating Climate Change: April 22 webinar

    With Earth Day just around the corner, you are invited to attend a FREE virtual event: Regenerative Ag's Role in Mitigating Climate Change on Saturday, April 22 at 7:30 PM EST
  7. Linda Poole

    Hurray for National Farm Animals Day!

    Today's the day to celebrate farm animals, the farmers who carefully nurture them, and the many ways that healthy farm animals enrich our world. Here's an explanation of the celebration from the National Day Calendar:
  8. Linda Poole

    Feeding Biochar to livestock

    I've no firsthand experience with feeding biochar, Mike, but where I've seen it most discussed is in reducing digestive methane production by feedlot cattle. I went googling to find answers to your questions and didn't come up with anything definitive -- plenty of intriguing titles for research...
  9. Linda Poole

    Iowa farmer Wendy Johnson: We Need a New Farm Bill

    This week in Civil Eats, Iowa farmer Wendy Johnson proposes improvements to the Farm Bill: Read the full story here.
  10. Linda Poole

    The trees of the West can tell us about our past.

    This article by Natalia Galicza in the Deseret News tells us that I learned that And that Read the whole article at
  11. Linda Poole

    Compost Tea question

    Good point, Mike. As your post hints, the way we handle manure has huge impacts on the whether we are creating pollutants or soil nutriments. The best way I've seen for manure to be beneficial to soil, the climate, and in many cases our pocketbooks, is through bale and swath grazing. I know...
  12. Linda Poole

    Chemical testing for residues in agricultural soils

    NCAT Sustainable Ag Specialist Lee Rinehart put together a useful resource for producers investigating residual ag chemicals in their soils. In case you have trouble downloading the attached file, I've also pasted Lee's information below. Thank you, Lee, for putting together and sharing this...
  13. Linda Poole

    Minnesota solar array fuels pollinators and grazers!

    Great new short video from the Agrisolar Clearinghouse:
  14. Linda Poole

    Recommended resources for regenerative graziers!

    Thank you, Elbert and Mike! So glad you find the resources helpful! Please share any that you've found that others might benefit from -- there's a lot of great information out there. Some not so great or just plain wrong stuff too -- which is why it's helpful to share trusted sources of information!
  15. Linda Poole

    EVENT: Water-Soil-Hope, field school in Kansas, April 13-14

    Wow, what a powerful team of presenters! I wish I could be in Kansas to attend this great school! Register soon if you are lucky enough to be in the region!
  16. Linda Poole

    Today is World Water Day!

    On March 22, hot off the press at USDA NRCS: For lots of great info on NRCS programs related to water, see
  17. Linda Poole

    Composting Using the Johnson-Su Bioreactor

    My favorite video explaining Johnson-Su compost: Many questions are answered here!
  18. Linda Poole

    March 7: Agroforestry!

    Don't worry if you missed the NCAT conference session on agroforestry -- it's here and it's great!
  19. Linda Poole

    Feb 28: Soils, climate, and hope!

    See the recording of Day 1 of the conference here. Keynote by Dr. Rattan Lal, and panel discussion featuring Dr. Jeff Creque, Loren Poncia, Molly Taylor, Stemple Crrek Ranch, and PT Ranch.