Linda Poole

NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
From our friends at Holistic Management International comes an invitation for an on-ranch learning event in Durango, Colorado on August 16 and 17, 2022:
Special Opportunity to learn how to improve your farm or ranch!

This is your chance to see success in action! The James Ranch of Durango, Colorado is a prime example of a family that has worked together over the years to succeed. With multiple families managing multiple enterprises you might think they need thousands of acres. However, what they have learned to do is maximize the health of their land. By enhancing the living landscape, the James Ranch productivity supports not only the families living on the place, but provides food for community members as well.

Come see the James Ranch in action and learn how you can improve the health of your land and livestock to achieve better results on your farm or ranch.

More info and registration at:

This is your chance to meet an inspiring family that does ranching right!

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