Hi, I raise finewool, natural colored sheep in northcentral Montana. Though my place has some hay meadows with water rights, in our dry climate (11" per year on average), this is pretty much an arid grassland/sage steppe property. Catching and holding more water in soil is hugely important to heal my land, boost profitability, and provide excellent habitat for both livestock and wildlife. We're deep in drought here so making good use of every bit of precip we get is constantly on our minds as prairie ranchers.

My "town job" is with NCAT, helping with the Soil for Water project, so you'll also see me on this forum as Linda Poole, one of the forum moderators. In that role I'll be facilitating exchange of lots of good information from myriad directions. But when I'm posting in here under my business name of Prairie Shepherd, I'll be hoping to connect especially with others who share my passion for regen grazing, herding and guardian dogs, climate beneficial wool, wildlife, riparian restoration, helping my rural community through the challenges we face -- and all things sheepish in nature! I look forward to e-meeting and learning from you all!
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