As someone who loves wetlands, especially fens and peat bogs, I have decided to avoid all soil mixes with peat in them. When I went to start some seeds for spring and read the ingredients on the bags of seed starting mixes I have on hand, I found my pro-peat stance rules out most soil mixes. I've long made my own potting mix for houseplants without any peat, but seed starting mix is another thing. Has anyone on here used coir? Are there other, better alternatives to peat in seed starting mixes? Thanks for any advice!

High Plainsman

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I haven't used coir in a starting mix per se, but several years ago a green house in a neighboring town grew tomatoes in coir. But apparently, they could only use the material once, then had to get a new batch because of potential disease carry over. We were able to get the used material for either free or very reasonable price. It came in a 3-foot 4-inch square plastic tube. I dug a trench about 6 inches deep in the garden furrow and emptied the bags into that. I covered that with the soil I dug out and then ran the rototiller down the row mixing in the coir and garden soil. I planted the garden seeds into that. It made a very good medium for planting into. I put a drip hose along the row and watered it well. The result was excellent. Unfortunately, the green house went out of business, so I lost my source of coir.

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