Soil moisture is a critical land surface variable, and an accurate depiction of soil moisture conditions can provide valuable insights for agricultural monitoring, weather prediction, and drought early warning. To help weather and climate service providers better understand soil moisture monitoring and its practical applications, NIDIS and the National Weather Service (NWS) are hosting two webinars on soil moisture data and applications. The first webinar, held on February 22, provided an overview of soil moisture monitoring and interpretation, including a review of the three main techniques for estimating soil moisture conditions: in situ ground-based systems, satellite measurements, and land surface model outputs. A webinar summary, recordings for each presentation, full webinar recording, and webinar Q&A are available at the link below.

Additionally, the second webinar, Practical Applications of Soil Moisture Information, will be held on March 29 and will feature presentations from climate service professionals on how soil moisture informs their decision making. 1-2pm CST.

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