Linda Poole

NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
Want to learn how to create a herd of cows that eat 20-40% less than your current animals?

Join the Edwards GLC April 25 and 26, 2022 in Fredericksburg, TX for a two day workshop with Steve Campbell. Registration is $150 with breakfast and lunches included. RSVP at by April 15, 2022. Contact Garrett Kunz for more information: 830-456-6051 or

Steve Campbell has been in the cattle industry his whole life. He understands the complexities of producing premium beef. From soil health, quality forage production, nutrition, mineral intake, stock selection, calving and more. Steve works with producers to find ways to improve their operation and get better results. Much like people source business coaches, Steve is a "cattle coach" and will assist you in reaching higher levels of success with your beef herd! Visit for more information.

Topics to Include
  • Bull and Cow Fertility
  • Minerals, Toxins, and Epigenetics
  • Soil, Plant, Animal and Human Health
  • Profitability

Learn animal selection traits that can dramatically influence your profit at the end of the year. Monday afternoon will feature a ranch visit with a live demonstration. Workshop will be at the Fredericksburg Christian Fellowship and field locations. 157 Schmidtzinsky Rd, Fredericksburg, TX. Limited seats available at this conference! Don't miss out!
Thanks for sharing this Linda! Although the workshop mentioned above has long since passed, I've been watching several of Steve's videos online from his website and he has some great information to share with folks. Steve really gets into epigenetics (how environment affects gene expression) and how to use things like sea salt, conditioner, and raw apple cider vinegar to improve livestock health and performance. If you go up to the link Linda shared for Steve's Tailor Made Cattle Company website, click on the word 'Videos' at the top and you'll find several hour's worth of information.

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