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This article touches on some of the broad trends associated with drought moving forward. Impacts on yield and crop selection constraints caused by water demand are also discussed. Note the comment about being free of the drought (the article was written in August 2019); almost three years later, the drought has persisted and some farmers are faced with zero-water allocation for irrigation districts that supply many farmers across the Central Valley.

What is evapotranspiration and why it matters

Irrigation Scheduling Using CIMIS ETo
CIMIS is a free resource available to California farmers that is designed to help agricultural growers develop water budgets for determining when to irrigate and how much water to apply. Station data include measured parameters such as solar radiation, air temperature, soil temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and wind direction and derived parameters such as vapor pressure, dew point temperature, reference and evapotranspiration (ETo)

General tips for irrigation management improvement

Further resources for irrigators interested in conserving their water resources and using them more efficiently
Hello. Cool! Thank you. You have posted a lot of useful information. Especially about evapotranspiration! I was looking for her.

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