Stitches for Sapmi: A Sami artist’s fight against climate change​

The frontier of climate change as seen through the eyes of world-renowned Sami artist and activist Britta Marakatt-Labba.

I didn't know where best to post this powerful documentary about how the reindeer herding culture of the Sami people, and the lands which they have stewarded for eons, are being threatened by development and climate change. Watch the video and maybe you'll agree that this nomadic herding culture is being parasitized and preyed upon in ways that endanger their future.

The documentary hit me hard with the importance and universality of the challenges we face today in agriculture. We have much to learn and to do to heal the earth and sustain irreplaceable human communities with deep, place-based wisdom.

See the trailer:

Read the story and view the full documentary at

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