Linda Poole

NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
It's Giving Tuesday and I chose to support this film which will soon share the amazing story of Bill Zeedyk. Bill is both hero and mentor to many of us working to restore healthy hydrologic function to eroded aridlands of the Western US. He has been called the water whisperer. I don't know exactly what he's saying to water, but what I get from him is hope. From Bill I learned that once we learn to see how soil, water, plants and landforms interact, we can move a few rocks into strategic locations and with our own hands help restore the soil sponge so essential to all life in this land of little rain.
Carol and I really enjoyed this short film. Both of us have done riparian restoration and now we are pushing those things learned much farther up the watershed on our new place. Working with natural resources available was a part of that thinking. This film strengthened emboldened those thoughts.
Thanks for having a look, John. I would love to hear more about the riparian work you're planning.

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