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There is a great article in a recent Graze magazine by renowned sheep producer Janet McNally. She has done some analysis that investigates the true carbon load by grazing sheep (I and would guess it applies to most other grazing animals). In fact, some of the data would show that grazing animals may sequester more carbon in the long term than what they emit. It is truly something we Graziers should get familiar with and use it to address those who are against livestock and accuse the industry as detrimental to the climate environment.
Mike, this is a really hot topic, and I agree that good science can help us understand the truth behind the hype about livestock and carbon. Like so much, the answer to the question about "Does livestock help or hurt carbon stocks?" is "It depends on management and context."

Thanks for providing a heads up about the article! Does Janet provide any tips on grazing practices beneficial to carbon sequestration?
Not per se, but she does discuss what or how she does graze her sheep, and then she discusses what effect that has on carbon sequestion. And I totally agree with you that it depends on any number of things.

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