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I was speaking with a farmer about the S4W program who immediately expressed interest and curiosity about resources revolving around irrigation. Even though the forum discusses water conservation, drought, etc. there is no sub-topic area on the forum that is explicitly about practical irrigation applications and improvement. I wonder if it should be added.
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I like the idea, Omar. Here’s a start, NCAT published this pocket guide and it’s a wealth of knowledge in a compact size. It’s only $10, and even seasoned irrigation management experts can gain something from it. Let me know what you think.
Omar, your point is well taken. In designing the forum we thought the category of spreading water would cover irrigation. But that's a bit obscure on second thought. If we change the category to "Irrigation and Water Spreading" would that meet your suggestion? We are open to a better idea if you have one. And thanks very much for the advice on making the forum more user-friendly! That is our goal!

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