Linda Poole

NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
In a recent article in the Wadena (Minnesota) Pioneer Journal, author Anne Bailey states:

Whatever the reasons for the increase in blowing topsoil, we need to figure out a solution because the topsoil increasingly is being depleted. . . . Being pelted by blowing dirt makes me crabby, but blowing topsoil also should raise the ire of others because it results in a reduction in organic matter and nutrients which help the crops grow and deposits those nutrients in streams and lakes, causing a build-up of blue green algae. It also jeopardizes agricultural production for future generations. . . . (R)efusal to be a steward of the land is short-sighted. Agriculture will not succeed without the essential elements of air, water, land and soil. Whether through conservation programs or individual effort, they need to be preserved.​

Well said! Read the full article at:

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