What does the least amount of damage to the soil microbiome- light tillage or herbicide to control common mallow?
We know the soil microbiome is a complex community, and species may react differently to various treatments. For instance, under tillage, fungi mycelium can be compromised with a reduction of activity, and it takes time for them to re-establish. Some studies have shown that tillage is far worse than herbicides as it breaks down soil structure. Whereas some herbicides cause an uptick in some microbes as they feed on them (Harris, et al. 1994). Glyphosate, for one, has been shown to have no effect at label rates in a meta study (Nguyen et al. 2016).

Does anyone else have thoughts?
Hi Hernan,

If you're talking about Malva neglecta, sheep, goats and chickens think mallow is yummy, and every part of the plant is edible by humans too! Weeds: why try to beat them if you can eat them? :)


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