Linda Poole

NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
Do whatever you can to get to see Inhabitants, a film on indigenous agroecological wisdom. This film, subtitled Indigenous Perspectives on Restoring Our World, is well deserving of the many awards and accolades it is winning. Tribal members from across the continent and Hawaii address restoring health and balance of farmlands, prairies, forests, deserts, rivers, and indigenous cultures:

We've been doing this for millenia. No Western concept of conservation is that old. We know how to manage natural resources.
People are all excited about climate change, and that's a good thing, but it's going to be imperative that these people in these movements look for and accept guidance from indigenous people.
The health of the river runs parallel with the health of the people. It's not just to fix this creek or fix our river -- we want to fix the whole world.

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