Linda Poole

NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
In Seed World this week, author Cassidy Million shares soil health tips for farmers wanting to prep for a successful spring planting. Among the tips is this suggestion and compelling graphic:

Address your fall crop residue on wheat, corn, and other small grain crops by feeding your soil microbes

The majority of residue decomposition is dependent on microbes. A carbon food source can wake up microbes and put them to work decomposing crop residue. It’s an innovative way to break down residue to eliminate burning and reduce tillage for less challenges during spring planting, such as cold soil temperatures and piercing crop stubble that can puncture tractor tires.

Additional returns can be seen through increased nutrient availability ($22 to $42/acre), warmer soil planting temperatures ($10/acre), tillage savings ($17 to $22/acre), and carbon credit for reduced tillage ($10/acre).


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