Linda Poole

NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
Today's issue of the Albuquerque Journal shares a success story by Theresa Davis. The Armed to Farm program offers hands-on training for veterans who continue to serve the nation -- this time around, by growing high-quality food and fiber through regenerative practices:
Andrews and 30 other New Mexico residents gathered in Albuquerque for “Armed to Farm,” a weeklong program that teaches military veterans how to run an agricultural business. The National Center for Appropriate Technology has trained 900 veterans in the last decade through the free initiative. . . . A mix of classroom instruction and site visits gives the beginning farmers confidence and connections, said program director Margo Hale, who also leads the agriculture organization’s southeastern region.
"Veterans make really great farmers,” [Hale] said, “and we always need more people growing awesome food for their communities.”
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