Linda Poole

NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
Check out the regenerative journey of a member of the Soil for Water Network, and find her on the Soil for Water Atlas:

Denice Rackley tells her fun and inspiring story of transformation from city girl to accomplished shepherd in this story in Producer's Voice:

By Denice Rackley

You wouldn’t expect a girl who grew up outside a large city that didn’t know anything about livestock to become immersed in agriculture, But life is funny that way; lots of twists and turns lead us to unexpected places.
Growing up, I was like many girls, a bit animal crazy. I seemed to attract animals, strays followed me home, but I was never allowed to keep them. Maybe my life now surrounded by dogs and sheep is a rebellion from my childhood. I’m not sure I am qualified to make that diagnosis; I probably should leave that up to the professionals.
I know that I am doing what I was meant to do. After obtaining my biology degree, an educational internship working at a nature center exposed me to wildlife rehabilitation. After the internship, I enrolled in a veterinary technician program. I loved the work and was quite good at it. However, I was still living in the suburbs. It all felt a bit claustrophobic. I wanted to spread my wings and try something new.
Read the full story -- including a hilarious account of rescuing a ewe out on the lamb at:

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