Linda Poole

NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
Hey there, forum folks, good to meet you! I'm Linda Poole and I work for NCAT, aka the National Center for Appropriate Technology, as a regenerative grazing specialist. I provide technical assistance to ranchers and farmers through the ATTRA and Soil for Water programs. I grew up on a ranch in eastern Washington and since getting a masters in wildlife ecology from Oregon State University, I've worked across the Western U.S. on restoration of rangelands, wetlands, watersheds, and wildlife populations, with emphasis on promoting climate-beneficial agriculture, consensus building, and community-led conservation. I love helping ag producers hone context-appropriate strategies to profitably produce healthy food, fiber, and families using minimal outside inputs, holistic principles, and the power of diverse collaborations. I also shepherd a small flock of natural-colored finewool sheep and work alongside neighbors to skillfully steward our prairie community in northcentral Montana. You might also find me posting on the forum as Prairie Shepherd when I want to connect with you all as one more producer looking for a community of support and encouragement! I hope you'll jump in and post here too so we can learn and prosper together!

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