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A new member on this forum..... Regarding introductions, take a look at our Green Quest website www.onagreenquest.net to get a sense of we are currently doing.

Some additional information includes...

20+ years experience, as a biochar practioner, working with a range of various biomass chars, for soil health purposes. Currently making a vermichar material for local growers, indoor and outdoor, as well as, trialing liquid biochar formulations.

5+ years experience working with a range of pyroligneoua acid ( wood vinegar) made from different biomass types.

We work in, large organic leafy green and row crop ag, as a custom formulator of seed, soil&plant health NOP compliant materials. We are cooks, with lab coats.

We also work with local growers, including ourselves, to develop soil fertility materials from local sources, like mushrooms, wood ash, biochars, and animal hair, for example.

Looking forward to learning from you all.

Mike in Wisconsin.....

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