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NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
You might use this checklist to consider and prioritize next steps on your journey with regenerative grazing. These are just a few links to useful information from among a universe of options, so let us know if there are other resources you'd like to recommend to the Soil for Water community! Post a reply here with your input, and thanks for chiming in!

Build your management knowledge​

Soil Health Workbook - Developed by Eva Stricker, PhD, and Linden Schneider, MS
Rangeland Health and Planned Grazing Field Guide – Kirk Gadzia and Nathan Sayre
A Good Road Lies Easy on the Land - Water Harvesting from Low-Standard Rural Roads – Bill Zeedyk
An Introduction to Erosion Control – Bill Zeedyk and Jan-Wilam Jansen
Your Remarkable Riparian – Steve Nelle
On Pasture – a weekly online digest of grazing-related information

Organizations that can help​

National Center for Appropriate Technology - ATTRA
Quivira Coalition
Holistic Management International and Savory Global
Ranching For Profit
Kiss The Ground
Understanding Ag
National Grazing Lands Coalition

Plan, implement and track your grazing​

Map and understand your land
Google Maps is free and simple to use; helpful video to get you started
Google Earth Pro is free and powerful; helpful video with the basics
Rangeland Analysis Platform – app to predict site specific, precip-related forage production

Apps and tools for grazing planning and tracking
Pasture Map – App; Soil for Water members get a discount
Maia Grazing App
Grazing Planning Manual – free download from Holistic Management International

Electric fencing and watering systems
Premier 1 Supplies
American Grazing Lands
Power Flex Fence
Stockwater (How-to-Guide) - Jim and Dawn Gerrish

Low-stress stockmanship
Whit Hibbard, with an excellent series of articles at On Pasture

Budgeting and profitability analysis
☐ Assess financial costs and returns by enterprise with Livestock Compass

Monitoring guides and apps​

Bullseye! Targeting Your Rangeland Health Objectives – Kirk Gadzia and Todd Graham
Monitoring Manual for Grassland Shrubland and Savannah Ecosystems – Jeffrey Herrick and others
GrassSnap - smartphone app for photo monitoring
LandPKS - smartphone app for soil info, and tracking actions and monitoring results
☐ Farm OS – open source software for mapping, planning and tracking management actions

Soil health monitoring tools​

☐ Measure soil compaction with a penetrometer
☐ Determine how well your land captures water with a ring infiltrometer
☐ How nutrient dense and resilient are your plants? Refractometer
☐ Take your soils’ temperature
☐ How is your soil moisture?
Tools to help you get those soil samples out of the ground

Soil health testing resources​

Haney Soil Test interpretation guide
Regen Ag Lab offers various tests of soil biology and chemistry with discounts for S4W network members
Thank you, Elbert and Mike! So glad you find the resources helpful! Please share any that you've found that others might benefit from -- there's a lot of great information out there. Some not so great or just plain wrong stuff too -- which is why it's helpful to share trusted sources of information!

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