Linda Poole

NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
You might use this checklist to consider and prioritize next steps on your journey with regenerative grazing. These are just a few links to useful information from among a universe of options, so let us know if there are other resources you'd like to recommend to the Soil for Water community! Post a reply here with your input, and thanks for chiming in!

Build your management knowledge​

Soil Health Workbook - Developed by Eva Stricker, PhD, and Linden Schneider, MS
Rangeland Health and Planned Grazing Field Guide – Kirk Gadzia and Nathan Sayre
A Good Road Lies Easy on the Land - Water Harvesting from Low-Standard Rural Roads – Bill Zeedyk
An Introduction to Erosion Control – Bill Zeedyk and Jan-Wilam Jansen
Your Remarkable Riparian – Steve Nelle
On Pasture – a weekly online digest of grazing-related information

Organizations that can help​

National Center for Appropriate Technology - ATTRA
Quivira Coalition
Holistic Management International and Savory Global
Ranching For Profit
Kiss The Ground
Understanding Ag
National Grazing Lands Coalition

Plan, implement and track your grazing​

Map and understand your land
Google Maps is free and simple to use; helpful video to get you started
Google Earth Pro is free and powerful; helpful video with the basics
Rangeland Analysis Platform – app to predict site specific, precip-related forage production

Apps and tools for grazing planning and tracking
Pasture Map – App; Soil for Water members get a discount
Maia Grazing App
Grazing Planning Manual – free download from Holistic Management International

Electric fencing and watering systems
Premier 1 Supplies
American Grazing Lands
Power Flex Fence
Stockwater (How-to-Guide) - Jim and Dawn Gerrish

Low-stress stockmanship
Whit Hibbard, with an excellent series of articles at On Pasture

Budgeting and profitability analysis
☐ Assess financial costs and returns by enterprise with Livestock Compass

Monitoring guides and apps​

Bullseye! Targeting Your Rangeland Health Objectives – Kirk Gadzia and Todd Graham
Monitoring Manual for Grassland Shrubland and Savannah Ecosystems – Jeffrey Herrick and others
GrassSnap - smartphone app for photo monitoring
LandPKS - smartphone app for soil info, and tracking actions and monitoring results
☐ Farm OS – open source software for mapping, planning and tracking management actions

Soil health monitoring tools​

☐ Measure soil compaction with a penetrometer
☐ Determine how well your land captures water with a ring infiltrometer
☐ How nutrient dense and resilient are your plants? Refractometer
☐ Take your soils’ temperature
☐ How is your soil moisture?
Tools to help you get those soil samples out of the ground

Soil health testing resources​

Haney Soil Test interpretation guide
Regen Ag Lab offers various tests of soil biology and chemistry with discounts for S4W network members

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