I received a question during the Soil for Water Film Premiere with Panel Discussion on February 17, and I wanted to share some resources based on the question. TH wrote, “what are some resources related to carbon sequestration?”

The ATTRA Publication Agriculture, Climate Change, and Carbon Sequestration is our flagship piece on carbon and investigates possible options for farmers and ranchers to have a positive impact on the changing climate. The ATTRA publication Building Healthy Pasture Soils introduces properties of soil, discusses evaluation and monitoring of soil quality, and introduces grazing management principles and techniques that promote healthy soil. For some truly excellent scientific work that is also readily accessible to the non-scientist, Dr. Christine Jones has some amazing articles on her website Amazing Carbon. Also, the study Maximizing Carbon Sequestration in Organic Systems looks at three best management practices: the use of organic soil amendments, conservation tillage and cover crops. Finally, the Soil Health Institute has some excellent resources on soil health.


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