I found the link to this at the Understanding Ag newsletter -- which is well worth signing up for! Here's how the Understanding Ag crew summarizes the video:
Chris Schmidt and his father Dale, producers in Murray County, Minnesota, demonstrate how they rotationally grazing their 100 sheep on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land. The landowner, Jim Sehl, Minnesota DNR, discusses the benefits of having sheep graze on his CRP land. He talks about how animal grazing helps to create plant diversity, improve wildlife habitat, and promote pollinators such as Monarch butterflies. Allisa Wendland, Soil Conservationist, NRCS talks about the soil health benefits of having grazing animals deposit their manure on CRP land, instead of back in the farmyard. Megan Howell, Pheasants Forever, discusses how sheep grazing on CRP land has beneficial impacts on plant diversity and wildlife habitat, especially for young pheasants.


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