Linda Poole

NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist
This compendium of soil concepts is fun -- like a kiddies' alphabet book, but for all of us who care about soil:
The ABCs of Soil Health will walk you through some of the amazing facts about soil’s role in agriculture and supporting life on this planet, and what we can do to better manage our soil through conservation. Conservation practices for healthy soil pay you back with healthier, more resilient plants, and may save you time and money with fewer trips in the field, less fertilizer and pesticides, and less fuel.

See if you can guess what each letter might represent -- I learned a new word at "Z"!
In soil ecology “zymogenous” refers to bacterial organisms that are quickly activated based on changes in the soil environment, like the addition of fresh decomposable residue that provides a sudden influx of carbon and nutrients. Once dormant, these organisms spring to life by accelerating their metabolism. They breathe more as they actively break down new material, releasing carbon dioxide.


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