Justin Morris
I've been serving as a regenerative grazing specialist for NCAT since May of '21. I really enjoy providing practical solutions for landowners that improve/regenerate plant, soil, and animal health while also enhancing profit potential and quality of life. My journey with grazing and livestock began in 1998 as I pursued a bachelor's degree in animal science. Realizing that knowing what livestock were eating was the other half of the equation, I began a master's degree in Range and Forage Science in 2000 where I spent extensive time in the Nebraska Sandhills. Shortly after completing that program in the spring of '03, I continued my grazing and livestock education by participating in the Lost Rivers Grazing Academy held in southeast Idaho the fall of '03. This was a real turning point where I became focused on more intensive levels of grazing management that can more rapidly improve pasture health and productivity. Following this I served as an agricultural extension agent in northwest Montana and then as a grazing specialist for the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) in southwest Utah, southwest Montana, and western Montana. As a grazing specialist for the NRCS I spent a lot of time assessing landowner's grazinglands which included determining the health of their pastures as well as the number of livestock their land could sustain. I also worked closely with landowners to develop grazing plans that would enhance the health of their pastures as well as their livestock. Then in 2015 I transitioned to the NRCS national soil health division as a regional soil health specialist covering the states of Alaska, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. In this position I helped train NRCS field staff on all things related to soil health as well as providing education to the public at major agricultural conferences.

Throughout my career which has taken me from Hawaii to Maryland and a lot of states in between, I've seen many ways to improve the health of grazingland and cropland. I hope I can continue to learn and share this knowledge for the rest of my life!

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